A new class of safe and effective adjuvants for vaccination

29 May 2017

BPRC - 1. A new class of safe and effective adjuvants for vaccination

An effective vaccine evokes a powerful immune response against a pathogen, resulting in removal of infiltrating pathogens and prevention of illness.

To enable effective vaccination, adjuvants that enhance the immune response are co-administered. Several adjuvants are known to have a very powerful effect. Unfortunately, the use of these substances may also cause side effects such as fever and local reactions. Therefore, many of these adjuvantia can not be used in humans.

Scientists have now developed several powerful new adjuvantia and tested their efficacy in various animal models. One compound, called CMS, proved to have a very powerful effect without giving rise to side effects. Using a technology that does not use experimental animals (in vitro) BPRC scientists demonstrated that the action of the adjuvant on the immune system was different from that of other commonly used adjuvantia.

Due to the powerful effect of CMS, one vaccination instead of multiple injections may be sufficient for protection. This work is described in the scientific journal Vaccine (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X17305479).