Cotton-top tamarins relocated

BPRC - 1. Cotton-top tamarins relocated

BPRC has been home to a colony of Cotton-top tamarins for several years.
This colony was previously housed at the University of Bristol. The species originates in South America where it is under threat in the wild. When Cotton-top tamarins were no longer needed for research programmes at BPRC an outplacement programme was set up for zoos participating in an international breeding programme aimed at the conservation of this endangered species.

Finally, arrangements for the outplacement of all 64 animals have been completed:

  • 7 to “Zoo St. Martin” in Saint Martin La Plaine, France
  • 8 to “Zoo Quinta de Santo Inácio” in Portugal
  • 5 to "Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia" in Italy
  • 6 to “Parco Natura Viva” in Bussolengo, Italië
  • 6 to “Zoo de Pont-Scorff” in France
  • 8 to “Albustan Zoological Center” in Sharjah in the United Arabic Emirates
  • 22 to “EndoFaun Zoological Gardens & Endangered Wildlife Breeding Centre” in Babsfontein, South-Africa.