PhD awarded to Céline van der Putten at Utrecht University

9 June 2015

BPRC - 1. PhD awarded to Céline van der Putten at Utrecht University

On 27 May 2015 Céline van der Putten successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘Modulation of Toll-like Receptor-mediated activation of Microglia’.

Microglia are a specific type of cells from the immune system that reside in the central nervous system (CNS). These cells have important functions in the healthy CNS as well as during pathogenic conditions. Microglia can contribute to the initiation, progression and resolution of disease processes. Activated microglia are involved in many diseases of the CNS, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), but their exact role is not yet clear.

In her thesis, Céine studied the fundamental aspects of microglia activation and various possibilities to intervene in the activation process. The studies in her thesis have been performed at the Unit of Alternatives of the BPRC. This Unit focuses on the development of in vitro methodology for reduction, refinement or replacement of in vivo animal experiments. In the research of Céline, primary rhesus microglia cultures were used to gain fundamental knowledge on microglia activation. The results, which have been published in various scientific journals, provide more insight in the processes underlying activation of microglia.