BPRC Publications

Publications for 2004

  • ‘t Hart, B. A., and Y. van Kooyk.
    Yin-Yang regulation of autoimmunity by DCs.
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  • ‘t Hart, B. A., J. D. Laman, J. Bauer, E. D. Blezer, Y. van Kooyk, and R. Q. Hintzen.
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  • ‘t Hart, B., S. Amor, and M. Jonker.
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    Direct Inoculation of SIVsm in black Mangabey (lophocebus atterimus). First Evidence of AIDS in Heterologous African Species and different Pathologic Outcomes of Experimental Infection.
    J. Virol. (2004) 78, 11506-11518.
  • Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh, S., Koopman, G., Mooij, P., Koornstra, W., Pantaleo, G., McCormack, S., Weber, J. and Heeney, J.L.
    Long-term persistence of HIV-1 vaccine-induced CD4+CD45RA-CD62L-CCR7- memory T-helper cells in primates.
    AIDS (2004) 18, 1-12
  • BenMohamed L., Thomas A and Druilhe P.
    Long-term multi-epitopic cytotoxic-T-lymphocyte responses induced in chimpanzees by combinations of Plasmodium falciparum liver-stage peptides and lipopeptides.
    Infect Immun. (2004) 72, 4376-4384.
  • Bogers J.J., Chatterjee S., Jacobs W., Fallon P.G., Dunne D.W., Langermans J.A., Deelder A.M., Thomas A.W. and Van Marck E.A.
    Juvenile rhesus monkeys have more colonic granulomas than adults after primary infection with Schistosoma mansoni.
    Virchows Arch. (2004) 445, 285-291
  • Bogers, W., Bergmeier, L., Oostermeijer, H., Wang, Y., Kelly, C., Singh, M., Heeney, J. and Lehner, T.
    A novel HIV-CCR5 receptor vaccine strategy in the control of mucosal SIV/HIV infection.
    AIDS (2004) 18, 25-36.
  • Bogers, W.M.J.M., Bergmeijer, L.A., Oostermeijer, H., ten Haaft, P., Wang, Y., Kelly, G., Singh, M.. Heeney, J.L. and Lehner, T.
    CCR5 targeted SIV vaccination strategy preventing or inhibiting SIV infection.
    Vaccine (2004) 22, 2974-2984
  • Cara. A., Maggiorella, M.T., Bona, R., Sernicola, L., Baroncelli, S., Negri, D., Leone, P., Fagrouch, Z., Heeney, J., Titti, F., Cafaro, A. and Ensoli, B.
    Circular viral DNA detection and junction sequence analysis from PBMC of SHIV-infected cynomolgus monkeys with undetectable virus plasma RNA.
    J Virol. (2004) 324, 531-539.
  • Carmelo C.-S., M. Di Nicola, P. Longoni, R. Milani, M. Milanesi, A. Guidetti, K. Haanstra, M. Jonker, L. Cleris, M. Magni, F. Formelli, and A.M. Gianni.
    Mobilization of primitive and committed hematopoietic progenitors in nonhuman primates treated with defibrotide and recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor.
    Experimental Hematology (2004) 32, 68–75.
  • Casey J.L., A.M. Coley, R.F. Anders, V.J. Murphy, K.S. Humberstone, A.W. Thomas and Foley M.
    Antibodies to malaria peptide mimics inhibit Plasmodium falciparum invasion of erythrocytes.
    Infect. Immun. (2004) 72, 1117-1125
  • Copray J.C.V.M., Küst B.M, Emmer B, Lin M.Y., Liem R.S.B, Amor S, de Vries E, Floris S, Boddeke H.W.G.M.
    Deficient p75 low-affinity neurotrophin receptor expression exacerbates experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in C57/BL6 mice.
    J Neuroimmunol. (2004) 148, 41–53.
  • Davis, D., Donners, H., Willems, B., Lovgren-Bengtsson, K., Akerblom, L., Vanham, G., Barnett, S., Morein, B., Heeney, J. and van der Groen, G.
    Neutralization of primary HIV-1 SF13 can be detected in extended incubation phase assays with sera from monkeys immunized with recombinant HIV-1 SF2 gp120.
    Vaccine (2004) 22, 748-755
  • Donatella, R., Negri, D.R.M., Baroncelli, S., Catone, S., Comini, A., Michelini, Z., Maggiorella, M.T., Sernicola, L., Crostarosa, F., Belli, R., Mancini, M.G., Farcomeni, S., Fagrouch, Z., Ciccozzini, M., Boros, S., Liljestrom, P., Norley, S., Heeney, J.L. and Titti, F.
    Protective efficacy of a multicomponent vector vaccine in cynomolgus monkeys after intrarectal simian immunodeficiency virus challenge.
    J. Gen. Virol. (2004) 85, 1191-1201.
  • Ellmerich, S., Takacs, K., Mycko, M., Waldner, H., Wahi, F., Boyton, R., Baker, D., Amor, S., Hafler, D., Kuchroo, V. and Altmann, D.M.
    Disease-related epitope spread in a humanized T cell receptor transgenic model of multiple sclerosis.
    Eur J Immunol. (2004) 34, 1839-1848.
  • Geijtenbeek, T. B., S. J. Van Vliet, A. Engering, B. A. 't Hart, and Y. Van Kooyk.
    Self- and Nonself-Recognition by C-Type Lectins on Dendritic Cells.
    Annu Rev Immunol. (2004) 22, 33.
  • Groot, N. De, Groot, N.G., Otting, N., Heijmans, C., Rouweler, A., Doxiadis, G.G.M. and Bontrop, R.E.
    Genetic make-up of the DR region in rhesus macaques: About gene content, transcripts, and pseudogenes.
    J. Immunol. (2004) 172, 6152-6157.
  • Haaft, P. ten, Verschoor, E., Verstrepen, B., Niphuis, H., Dubbes, R., Koornstra, W., Bogers, W., Rosenwirth, B. and Heeney, J.L.
    Readily acquired secondary infections of HIV/SIV following single intravenous exposure in non-human primates.
    J. Gen Virol. (2004) 85, 3735-3745.
  • Haegel-Kronenberg, H., Haanstra, K., Ziller-Remy, C., Ortiz-Buijsse, A., Vermeiren, J., Stoeckel, F., Lusky, M., Gool, S.F. van, Ceuppens, J.L., Mehtali, M., Boer, M. de, Jonker, M. and Boon, L.
    Repeated sustemic administration of adenoviral vector by inhibition of costimulation in rhesus monkeys.
    Gene Therapy (2004) 11, 241–252
  • Heeney, J.L.
    Requirement of diverse T-helper responses elicited by HIV vaccines: Induction of highly targeted humoral and CTL responses.
    Expert Rev. Vaccines (2004) 3(4), 53-64.
  • Johnson A.H., R.G. Leke, N.R. Mendell, D.Shon, Y.J. Suh, D. Bomba-Nkolo, V. Tchinda, S. Kouontchou, L.W. Thuita, A.M.van der Wel, A.Thomas, A.Stowers, A.Saul, A. Zhou, D.W. Taylor and Quakyi I.A.
    Human leukocyte antigen Class II alleles influence levels of antibody to the Plasmodium falciparum asexual-stage apical membrane antigen 1 but not to merozoite surface antigen 2 and merozoite surface protein 1.
    Infect. Immun. (2004) 72, 2762-2771
  • Jonker, M., Ringers, J., Kuhn, E.M., Hart, B. ‘t and Foulkes, R.
    Treatment with Anti-MHC-Class-II Antibody Postpones Kidney Allograft Rejection in Primates but Increases the Risk of CMV Activation.
    Am J Transplant (2004) 4, 1756.
  • Kirchhoff, F., Schindler, M., Bailer, N., Herma Renkema, G., Saksela, K., Knoop, V., Muller-Trutwin, M.C., Santiago, M.L., Bibollet-Ruche, F., Dittmar, M.T., Heeney, J.L., Hahn, B.H. and Munch, J.
    Nef proteins from SIVcpz infected chimpanzees and HIV-1 group N and O infected humans interact with the p21 activated Kinase 2 and modulate cell surface expression of various human receptors
    J Virol (2004) 78, 6864-6874.
  • Koopman, G., Mortier, D., Hofman, S., Niphuis, H., Fagrouch, Z., Norley, S., Sutter, G., Liljeström, P. and Heeney, J.L.
    Vaccine protection from CD4+ T-cell loss caused by simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) mac251 is afforded by sequential immunization with three unrelated vaccine vectors encoding multiple SIV antigens.
    J Gen Virol. (2004) 85, 2915-24.
  • Koopman, G., Niphuis, H., Haaksma, A.G.M., Farese, A.M., Casey, D.B., Kahn, L.E., Mann, D., Mac Vittie, T.J., Woulfe, S.L. and Heeney, J.L.
    Increase in Plasmacytoid and Myeloid dendritic cells by progenipoietin-1, a chimeric Flt-3 and G-CSF receptor agonist, in SIV infected rhesus macaques.
    Human Immunology (2004) 65, 303-316
  • Maggiorella, M.T., Baroncelli, S., Michelini, Z., Fanales-Belasio, E., Moretti, S., Sernicola, L., Cara, A., Negri, D.R.M., Butto, S., Fiorelli, V., Tripiciano, A., Scoglio, A., Caputo, A., Borsetti, A., Ridolfi, B., Bona, R., ten Haaft, P., Maccia, I., Leone, P., Pavone-Cossut, M.R., Nappi, F., Ciccozzi, M., Heeney, J.L., Titti, F., Cafaro, A. and Ensoli, B.
    Long-term protection against SHIV89.6P replication in HIV-1 Tat vaccinated cynomolgus monkeys.
    Vaccine (2004) 22, 3258-3269.
  • Makitalo, B., Lundholm, P., Hinkula, J., Nilsson, C., Karlen, K., Morner, A., Sutter, G., Erfle, V., Heeney, J.L., Wahren, B., Biberfeld, G. and Thorstensson, R.
    Enhanced cellular immunity and systemic control of SHIV infection by combined parenteral and mucosal administration of a DNA prime MVA boost vaccine regimen.
    J. Gen Virol. (2004) 85, 2407-2419.
  • Michelini, Z., Negri, D.R., Baroncelli, S., Catone, S., Comini, A., Maggiorella, M.T., Sernicola. L., Crostarosa, F., Belli, R., Mancini, M.G., Farcomeni, S., Fagrouch, Z., Ciccozi, M., Rovetto, C., Liljestrom, P., Norley, S., Heeney, J. and Titti, F.
    T-cell-mediated protective efficacy of a systemic vaccine approach in cynomolgus monkeys after SIV mucosal challenge.
    J. Med. Primatol. (2004) 33, 251-261.
  • Mitchell G.H., Thomas A.W., Margos G., Dluzewski A.R. and Bannister L.H.
    Apical Membrane Antigen –1, a major candidate malaria vaccine molecule, mediates the close attachment of invasive merozoites to host red blood cells.
    Inf. Immun. (2004) 72, 154-158
  • Mooij, P., Nieuwenhuis, I.G., Doms, R.W., Bogers, W.M.J.M., Ten Haaft, P.J.F., Niphuis, H., Koornstra, W., Bieler, K., Koestler, J., Morein, B., Cafaro, A., Ensoli, B., Wagner, R. and Heeney, J.L.
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    J Virol. (2004) 78, 3333-3342.
  • Ozwara H., van der Wel A., Kocken C.H.M. and Thomas A.W.
    Heterologous promoter activity in stable and transient Plasmodium knowlesi transgenes.
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  • Polley SD, Mwangi T, Kocken CH, Thomas AW, Dutta S, Lanar DE, Remarque E, Ross A, Williams TN, Mwambingu G, Lowe B, Conway DJ and Marsh K.
    Human antibodies to recombinant protein constructs of Plasmodium falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA1) and their associations with protection from malaria.
    Vaccine (2004) 23, 718-728.
  • Rollier, C., Depla, E., Drexhage, J.A.R., Verschoor, E.J., Verstrepen, B.E., Fatmi, A., Brinster, C., Fournillier, A., Whelan, J.A., Whwlan, M., Jacobs, D., Maertens, G., Inchauspè, G. and Heeney, J.L.
    Control of heterologous Hepatitis C Virus infection in chimpanzees is associated with the quality of vaccine-induced peripheral T-helper immune response.
    J Virol. (2004) 78, 187-196.
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    J. Gen Virol (2004) 85, 2591-2602.
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  • Singh B., Kim Sung L., Matusop A., Radhakrishnan A., Shamsul S.S., Cox-Singh J., Thomas A. and Conway D.J.
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Books, correspondence, not peer reviewed, etc.

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