BPRC Publications

Publications for 2006

  • Berezikov, E., Thuemmler, F., Laake, L.W. van, Kondova, I., Bontrop, R., Cuppen, E. and Plasterk, R.H.
    Diversity of microRNAs in human and chimpanzee brain.
    Nat. Genet. (2006) 38, 1375-1377.
  • Bontrop, R.E.
    Comparative genetics of MHC polymorphisms in different primate species: About duplications and deletions.
    Hum. Immunol. (2006) 67, 388-397.
  • Boven, L.A., van Meurs, M, van Zwam, M., Wierenga-Wolf, A., Hintzen, R.Q., Boot, R.G., Aerts, J M., Amor, S., Nieuwenhuis, E.E. and Laman, J.D.
    Myelin ingestion confers anti-inflammatory function on macrophages consistent with foam cells in multiple sclerosis lesions.
    Brain (2006) 129, 517-526.
  • Brenner M, Munch J, Schindler M, Wildum S, Stolte N, Stahl-Hennig C, Fuchs D, Matz-Rensing K, Franz M, Heeney JL, Ten Haaft P, Swigut T, Hrecka K, Skowronski J and Kirchhoff
    F.Importance of the N-distal AP-2 binding element in Nef for Simian Immunodeficiency Virus replication and pathogenicity in rhesus macaques.
    J Virol. (2006) 80, 4469-4481.
  • Davis, D., Donners, H., Willems, B., Ntemgwa, M., Vermoesen, T., Van der Groen, G, and Janssens, W.
    Neutralization Kinetics of Sensitive and Resistant Subtype B Primary Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Isolates.
    J. Med. Virol. (2006) 78, 864-876.
  • Doxiadis, G.G.M., Rouweler, A.J.M., Groot, N.G. de, Louwerse, A., Otting, N., Verschoor, E.J. and Bontrop, R.E.
    Extensive sharing of MHC class II alleles between rhesus and cynomolgus macaques.
    Immunogenetics (2006) 58, 259-268.
  • Doxiadis, G.G.M., Wiel, M.K. van der, Brok, H.P.M., Groot, N.G. de, Otting, N., Hart, B.A. 't, Rood, J.J. van and Bontrop, R.E.
    Reactivation by exon shuffling of a conserved HLA-DR3-like pseudogene segment in a New World primate species.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2006) 103, 5864-5868.
  • Ellis, S.A., Bontrop, R.E., Antczak, D.F., Ballingall, K., Davis, L.J., Kaufman, J., Kennedy, C.J., Robinson, J., Smith, D.M., Stear, M.J., Stet, R.J., Waller, M.J., Walter, C. and Marsh, S.G.
    ISAG/IUIS-VIC comparative MHC nomenclature committee reports 2005.
    Immunogenetics (2006) 57, 953-958.
  • Haanstra, K. G., Sick, E.A., Ringers, J., Wubben, J.A., Kuhn, E.M., Hart, B.A. 't, Boon, L. and Jonker, M.
    No synergy between ATG induction and costimulation blockade induced kidney allograft survival in rhesus monkeys.
    Transplantation (2006) 82, 1194-1201.
  • Hart, B.A. 't, Smith, P., Amor, S., Strijkers, G.J. and Blezer, E.L.A.
    MRI-guided immunotherapy development for multiple sclerosis in a primate.
    Drug Discov. Today (2006) 11, 58-66.
  • Heeney, J.L.
    Pre-clinical primate studies of HIV-1-envelope-based vaccines: Towards human clinical trials.
    Current Opinion in HIV AIDS (2006) 1, 336-343.
  • Heeney, J.L.
    Zoonotic viral diseases and the frontier of early diagnosis, control and prevention.
    J. Internal Medicine (2006) 260, 399-408.
  • Heeney, J.L., Dalgleish, A.G., Weiss, R.A.
    Origins of HIV and the evolution of resistance to AIDS.
    Science (2006) 313, 462-466.
  • Heeney, J.L., Rutjens, E., Verschoor, E.J., Niphuis, H., ten Haaft, P., Rouse, S., McClure, H., Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh, S., Bogers, W., Salas, M., Cobb, K., Kestens, L., Davis, D., van der Groen, G., Courgnaud, V., Peeters, M. and Murthy, K.K.
    Transmission of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIVcpz and the Evolution of Infection in the Presence and Absence of Concurrent Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Infection in Chimpanzees.
    J Virol. (2006) 80, 7208-7218.
  • Kocken, C.H., van der Wel, A., Arbe-Barnes, S., Brun, R., Matile, H., Scheurer, C., Wittlin, S. and Thomas, A.W.
    Plasmodium vivax: in vitro susceptibility of blood stages to synthetic trioxolane compounds and the diamidine DB75.
    Exp Parasitol. (2006) 113, 197-200.
  • Kwakkenbos, M.J., Matmati, M. Madsen, O., Pouwels, W., Wang, Y., Bontrop, R.E., Heidt, P.J., Hoek, R.M. and Hamann, J.
    An unusual mode of concerted evolution of the EGF-TM7 receptor chimera EMR2.
    FASEB J. (2006) 20, 2582-2584.
  • Langermans, J.A., Hensmann, M., van Gijlswijk, M., Zhang, D., Pan, W., Giersing,. B.K., Locke, E., Dubovsky, F., Wittes, J. and Thomas, A.W.
    Preclinical Evaluation of a Chimeric Malaria Vaccine Candidate in Montanide ISA 720((R)): Immunogenicity and Safety in Rhesus Macaques.
    Hum Vaccin. (2006) 2, 11.
  • Noort, J.M. van, Nottelman, L., Verbeek, R., Meilof, J.F., Polman, C.H. and Amor, S.
    Autoantibodies against alpha B-crystallin, a candidate autoantigen in multiple sclerosis, are part of a normal adult immune repertoire.
    Mult. Scler. (2006) 12, 287-293.
  • Paeshuyse, J., Kaul, A., De Clercq, E., Rosenwirth, B., Dumont, J.M., Scalfaro, P., Bartenschlager, R. and Neyts, J.
    The non-immunosuppressive cyclosporin DEBIO-025 is a potent inhibitor of hepatitis C virus replication in vitro.
    Hepatology. (2006) 43, 761-770.
  • Pasini, E.M., Kirkegaard, M., Mortensen, P., Lutz, H.U., Thomas, A.W. and Mann, M.
    In-depth analysis of the membrane and cytosolic proteome of red blood cells.
    Blood (2006) 108, 791-801.
  • Stolte-Leeb, N., Sauermann, U., Norley, S., Fagrouch, Z., Heeney, J., Franz, M., Hunsmann, G. and Stahl-Hennig, C.
    Sustained conservation of CD4+ T-cells in multiprotein triple modality immunized rhesus macaques after intrarectal challenge with simian immunodeficiency virus.
    Viral Immunol. (2006) 19, 448-457.
  • Suh, Y.S., Park, K.S., Sauermann, U., Franz, M, Norley, S., Wilfingseder, D, Stoiber, H., Fagrouch, Z., Heeney, J.L., Hunsmann, G., Stahl-Hennig, C. and Sung, Y.
    Reduction of viral loads by multigenic DNA priming and adnovirus boosting in the SIC mac-macaque model.
    Vaccine (2006) 24, 1811-1820.
  • Vierboom, M., Johnsson, C., Hart, B. 't and Jonker, M.
    Monotherapy with the vitamin D analogue MC1288 does not result in prolonged kidney allograft survival in rhesus monkeys.
    Transpl. Int. (2006 19, 396-403.
  • Visser, L. Melief, M-J., van Riel, D., van Meurs, M., Sick, E.A., Inamura, S., Bajramovic, J.J., Amor, S., Hintzen, R.Q., Boven, L.A., 't Hart, B.A. and Laman, J.D.
    Phagocytes carry a disease promoting TLR/Nod ligand into the brain during demyelinating disease in primates.
    Am. J. Pathol. (2006) 169, 1671-1685.
  • Wickramarachchi, T., Premaratne, P.H., Perera, K.L., Bandara, S., Kocken, C.H., Thomas, A.W., Handunnetti, S.M. and Udagama-Randeniya, P.V.Natural human antibody responses to
    Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen 1 under low transmission and unstable malaria conditions in Sri Lanka.
    Infect Immun. (2006) 74, 798-801.
  • Wieles, B., Pool, J., Wilke, N., Weber, M., Kolb, H.-J., Bontrop, R.E. and Goulmy, E.
    The diallelic locus encoding the minor histocompatibility antigen HA-1 locus is evolutionary conserved.
    Tissue Antigens (2006) 68, 62-65.
  • Xu, R., Srivastava, I.K., Kuller, L., Zarkikh, I., Kraft, Z., Fagrouch, Z., Letvin, N.L., Heeney, J.L.,
    Barnett, S. and Stamatatos, L. Immunization with HIV-1 SF 162-derived Envelop gp140 proteins does not protect macaques from heterologous simian-human immunodeficiency virus SHIV89.6p infection.
    Virology (2006) 349, 276-289.

Books, correspondence, not peer reviewed, etc.

  • Dalgleish, A., Austen B., Heeney, J. and Cadogan, M.
    The C5 region of HIV-1 gp120 binds specific.
    Retrovirology (2006) 3, S46.
  • Hart, B. A. 't, Amor, S. and Brok, H.P.M.
    A new patform for development of relevant non-human primate models of neuro-inflammatory disease.
    Screening; Trends in Drug Discovery (2006) 7, 16 - 18.
  • Heeney, J.L. and Plotkin, S.A.
    Immunological Correlates of Protection from HIV Infection and Disease.
    Nat. Immunol. (2006) 7, 1281-1284.
  • Hendriksen, C.F.M. and Bajramovic, J.J.
    Vervangen, Verminderen en Verfijnen: Op zoek naar alternatieven.
    Cahiers Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij (2006) 1, 37-47.
  • Koopman, G., Von Laer, D., Sutter, G., Alarcon, B., LiPira, G. and Willard-Gallo, K.
    Let one virus fight another virus.
    Parliament Magazine EC, December 2006.