BPRC Publicaties

Publicaties voor 2016

  • 't Hart B.A. and Weissert, R.
    Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein has a dual role in T cell autoimmunity against central nervous system myelin.
    MS Journal: Experimental, Translational and Clinical. 2016; 2, 1-15.
  • 't Hart B.A., Dunham J., Jagessar S.A. and Kap Y.S.
    The common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus); a relevant preclinical model of human (auto)immune-mediated inflammatory disease of the brain.
    Primate Biol 3, 9-22, 2016.
  • Adamou R., Chénou F., Sadissou I., Sonon P., Dechavanne C., Djilali-Saïah A., Cottrell G., Le Port A., Massougbodji A., Remarque E.J., Luty A.J., Sanni A., Garcia A., Migot-Nabias F., Milet J. and Courtin D.
    Plasmodium falciparum infection and age influence parasite growth inhibition mediated by IgG in Beninese infants.
    Acta Trop. 2016 Jul;159:111-9. Doi: 10.1016/j.actatropica.2016.03.020.
  • Bosschem I., Flahou B., Bakker J., Heuvelman E., Langermans J.A.M., De Bruyne E., Joosten M., Smet A., Ducatelle R. and Haesebrouck F.
    Comparative virulence of in vitro-cultured primate- and pig-associated Helicobacter suis strains in a BALB/c mouse and a Mongolian gerbil model.
    Helicobacter 2016
  • Bréhin C., Debuisson C., Mansuy J.M., Niphuis H., Buitendijk H.and Mengelle C., Grouteau E. and Claudet I.
    Keep children away from macaque monkeys!
    J. Travel Med. 2016 Mar 16;23(3)
  • Burm S.M., Peferoen L.A., Zuiderwijk-Sick E.A., Haanstra, K.G., 't Hart, B.A., van der Valk P., Amor S., Bauer J., Bajramovic J.J.
    Expression of IL-1β in rhesus EAE and MS lesions is mainly induced in the CNS itself.
    J. Neuroinflam. 13(1), 138-149 (2016).
  • Burm S.M., Zuiderwijk-Sick E.A., Weert P.M., Bajramovic J.J.
    ATP-induced IL-1β secretion is selectively impaired in microglia as compared to hematopoietic macrophages.
    Glia 64(12), 2231-2246 (2016).
  • de Groot N.G., Heijmans C.M., van der Wiel M.K., Blokhuis J.H., Mulder A., Guethlein L.A., Doxiadis G.G., Claas F.H., Parham P. and Bontrop R.E.
    Complex MHC Class I Gene Transcription Profiles and Their Functional Impact in Orangutans
    J. Immunol. 2016 Jan 15;196(2):750-8. Doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1500820.
  • Dechavanne C., Sadissou I., Bouraima A., Ahouangninou C., Amoussa R., Milet J., Moutairou K., Massougbodji A., Theisen M., Remarque E.J., Courtin D., Nuel G., Migot-Nabias F. and Garcia A.
    Acquisition of natural humoral immunity to P. falciparum in early life in Benin: impact of clinical, environmental and host factors.
    Sci Rep. 2016 Sep 27;6:33961. Doi: 10.1038/srep33961.
  • Evers E., de Vries H., Spruijt B.M., and Sterck E.H.
    Intermediate-term emotional bookkeeping is necessary for long-term reciprocal grooming partner preferences in an agent-based model of macaque groups.
    Peer J. 2016 Jan 5;4:e1488.
  • Faber B.W., Hellwig S., Houard S., Havelange N., Drossard J., Mertens H., Croon A., Kastilan R., Byrne R., van der Werff N., van der Eijk M., Thomas A.W., Kocken C.H. and Remarque E.J.
    Production, Quality Control, Stability and Pharmacotoxicity of a Malaria Vaccine Comprising Three Highly Similar PfAMA1 Protein Molecules to Overcome Antigenic Variation.
    PLoS One. 2016 Oct 3;11(10):e0164053. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0164053.
  • Fougère A., Jackson A.P., Paraskevi Bechtsi D., Braks J.A., Annoura T., Fonager J., Spaccapelo R., Ramesar J., Chevalley-Maurel S., Klop O., van der Laan A.M., Tanke H.J., Kocken C.H., Pasini E.M., Khan S.M., Böhme U., van Ooij C., Otto T.D., Janse C.J. and Franke-Fayard B.
    Variant Exported Blood-Stage Proteins Encoded by Plasmodium Multigene Families Are Expressed in Liver Stages Where They Are Exported into the Parasitophorous Vacuole.
    PLoS Pathog. 2016 Nov 16;12(11):e1005917. Doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005917.
  • Franke S.K., van Kesteren R.E., Hofman S., Wubben J.A., Smit A.B. and Philippens I.H.
    Individual and Familial Susceptibility to MPTP in a Common Marmoset Model for Parkinson's Disease.
    Neurodegener. Dis. 2016;16(5-6):293-303
  • Franke S.K., van Kesteren R.E., Wubben J.A., Hofman S., Paliukhovich I., van der Schors R.C., van Nierop P., Smit A.B. and Philippens I.H.
    Progression and recovery of Parkinsonism in a chronic progressive MPTP-induction model in the marmoset without persistent molecular and cellular damage.
    Neuroscience. 2016 Jan 15;312:247-59
  • Gallego A., Melé M., Balcells I., García-Ramallo E., Torruella-Loran I., Fernández-Bellon H., Abelló T., Kondova I., Bontrop R.E., Hvilsom C., Navarro A., Marquès-Bonet T. and Espinosa-Parrilla Y.
    Functional Implications of Human-Specific Changes in Great Ape microRNAs.
    PLoS One. 2016 Apr 22;11(4):e0154194. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0154194.
  • Haanstra K.G., Jonker M. and 't Hart, B.A.
    An Evaluation of Twenty Years of EU Framework Programme-funded Immune-mediated Inflammatory Translational Research in Non-human Primates
    Frontiers in immunology 7, 462.
  • Hempel C., Pasini E.M. and Kurtzhals J.A.
    Endothelial Glycocalys: Shedding Light on Malaria Pathogenesis.
    Trends Mol Med. 2016 Jun;22(6):453-7. Doi: 10.1016/j.molmed.2016.04.004. Epub 2016 May 5.
  • Jagessar, S. A., Hofman S., Morandi E., Heijmans N., Laman J.D., Gran B., Faber B., van Kasteren S., Eggen B.J.L. and ‘t Hart B.A.
    LCV infection enhances the pathogenicity of B cells in a non-human primate EAE model by converting destructive into productive processing of autoantigen.
    J. Immunol., 197(4), 1074-1088 (met Editorial in Science Translational Medicine)
  • Junghans A.F., Sterck E.H., Overduin de Vries A., Evers C. and De Ridder D.T.
    Defying Food - How Distance Determines Monkeys' Ability to Inhibit Reaching for Food.
    Front Psychol. 2016 Feb 18;7:158
  • Kap, Y. S., Jagessar S.A and 't Hart B.A.
    The common marmoset, an indispensable animal model for immunotherapy development in multiple sclerosis.
    Drug Discov. Today 21, (8), 1200-1205, 2016.
  • Kato N., Comer E., Sakata-Kato T., Sharma A., Sharma M., Maetani M., Bastien J., Brancucci N.M., Bittker J.A., Corey V., Clarke D., Derbyshire E.R., Dornan G.L., Duffy S., Eckley S., Itoe M.A., Koolen K.M., Lewis T.A., Lui P.S., Lukens A.K., Lund E., March S., Meibalan E., Meier B.C., McPhail J.A., Mitasev B., Moss E.L., Sayes M., Van Gessel Y., Wawer M.J., Yoshinaga T., Zeeman A.M., Avery V.M., Bhatia S.N., Burke J.E., Catteruccia F., Clardy J.C., Clemons P.A., Dechering K.J., Duvall J.R., Fole
    Diversity-oriented synthesis yields novel multistage antimalarial inhibitors.
    Nature. 2016 Sep 7;538(7625):344-349. Doi: 10.1038/nature19804.
  • Koopman G., Mooij P., Dekking L., Mortier D., van Heteren M., Kuipers H., Remarque E.J., Radošević K. and Bogers W.M.J.M.
    Correlation between Virus Replication and Antibody Responses in Macaques following Infection with Pandemic Influenza A Virus.
    J. Virol, 2016; 90 (2):1023-1033.
  • Mothapo K.M., Ten Oever J., Koopmans P., Stelma F.F., Burm S., Bajramovic J.J., Verbeek M.M., Rikkert M.G., Netea M.G., Koopman G.and van der Ven A.J.
    Soluble TLR2 and 4 concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid in HIV/SIV-related neuropathological conditions.
    J. Neurovirol. Nov 23. (2016).
  • Otting N., van der Wiel M.K., de Groot N., de Vos-Rouweler A.J., de Groot N.G., Doxiadis G.G., Wiseman R.W., O'Connor D.H. and Bontrop R.E.
    The orthologs of HLA-DQ and -DP genes display abundant levels of variability in macaque species.
    Immunogenetics. 2016 Oct 22.
  • Otting N., van der Wiel M.K., Doxiadis G.G. and Bontrop R.E.
    Fifty-one full-length major histocompatibility complex class II alleles in the olive baboon (Papio anubis).
    HLA. 2016 Nov;88(5):270-271. Doi: 10.1111/tan.12906.
  • Overduin-de Vries A.M., Bakker F.A., Spruijt B.M. and Sterck E.H.
    Male long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) understand the target of facial threat.
    Am J. Primatol. 2016 Jul;78(7):720-30.
  • Pasini E.M., Zeeman A.M., Voorberg-Van der Wel A. and Kocken C.H.
    Plasmodium knowlesi: a relevant, versatile experimental malaria model.
    Parasitology. 2016 Dec 12:1-15.
  • Philippens I.H., Ormel P.R., Baarends G., Johansson M., Remarque E.J. and Doverskog M.J.
    Acceleration of Amyloidosis by Inflammation in the Amyloid-Beta Marmoset Monkey Model of Alzheimer's Disease.
    Alzheimers Dis. 2016 Nov 1;55(1):101-113.
  • Phillips M.A., White K.L., Kokkonda S., Deng X., White J., El Mazouni F., Marsh K., Tomchick D.R., Manjalanagara K., Rudra K.R., Wirjanata G., Noviyanti R., Price R.N., Marfurt J., Shackleford D.M., Chiu F.C., Campbell M., Jimenez-Diaz M.B., Bazaga S.F., Angulo-Barturen I., Martinez M.S., Lafuente-Monasterio M., Kaminsky W., Silue K., Zeeman A.M., Kocken C.H., Leroy D., Blasco B., Rossignol E., Rueckle T., Matthews D., Burrows J.N., Waterson D., Palmer M.J., Rathod P.K. and Charman S.A.
    A Triazolopyrimidine-Based Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor with Improved Drug-like Properties for Treatment and Prevention of Malaria.
    ACS Infect Dis. 2016 Oct 4.
  • Rollier C.S., Verschoor E.J., Verstrepen B.E., Drexhage J.A., Paranhos-Baccala G., Liljeström P., Sutter G., Arribillaga L., Lasarte J.J., Bartosch B., Cosset F.L., Inchauspe G. and Heeney J.L.
    T- and B-cell responses to multivalent prime-boost DNA and viral vectored vaccine combinations against hepatitis C virus in non-human primates.
    Gene Ther. 2016 Oct;23(10):753-759.
  • Sanchez-Delgado M., Court F., Vidal E., Medrano J., Monteagudo-Sánchez A., Martin-Trujillo A., Tayama C., Iglesias-Platas I., Kondova I., Bontrop R.E., Poo-Llanillo M.E., Marques-Bonet T., Nakabayashi K., Simón C. and Monk D.
    Human Oocyte-Derived Methylation Differences Persist in the Placenta Revealing Widespread Transient Imprinting.
    PLoS Genet. 2016 Nov 11;12(11):e1006427. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006427.
  • Shaw-Saliba K., Thomson-Luque R., Obaldía N. 3rd, Nuñez M., Dutary S., Lim C., Barnes S., Kocken C.H., Duraisingh M.T., Adams J.H. and Pasini E.M.
    Insights into an Optimization of Plasmodium vivax Sal-1 In Vitro Culture: The Aotus Primate Model.
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2016 Jul 27;10(7):e0004870. Doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0004870.
  • Shkoporov A.N., Efimov B.A., Kondova I, Ouwerling B, Chaplin A.V., Shcherbakova V.A. and Langermans J.A.M.
    Description of Peptococcus simiae sp. nov., isolated from rhesus macaque feces and emended description of genus Peptococcus.
    Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 2016
  • Stevison L.S., Woerner A.E., Kidd J.M., Kelley J.L., Veeramah K.R. and McManus K.F. Great Ape Genome Project., Bustamante CD, Hammer MF, Wall JD.
    The Time Scale of Recombination Rate Evolution in Great Apes.
    Mol. Biol. Evol. 2016 Apr;33(4):928-45. Doi: 10.1093/molbev/msv331.
  • Swann J., Corey V., Scherer C.A., Kato N., Comer E., Maetani M.,
    Antonova-Koch Y., Reimer C., Gagaring K., Ibanez M., Plouffe D., Zeeman A.M., Kocken C.H., McNamara C.W., Schreiber S.L., Campo B., Winzeler E.A. and Meister S.
    High-Throughput Luciferase-Based Assay for the Discovery of Therapeutics That Prevent Malaria.
  • te Velde A.A., 't Hart B.A. et al.
    Embracing Complexity beyond Systems Medicine: A New Approach to Chronic Immune Disorders.
    Front Immunol 7.
  • Thera M.A., Coulibaly D., Kone A.K., Guindo A.B., Traore K., Sall A.H., Diarra I., Daou M., Traore I.M., Tolo Y., Sissoko M., Niangaly A., Arama C., Baby M., Kouriba B., Sissoko M.S., Sagara I., Toure O.B., Dolo A., Diallo D.A., Remarque E.J., Chilengi R., Noor R., Sesay S., Thomas A., Kocken C.H., Faber B.W., Imoukhuede E.B., Leroy O. and Doumbo O.K.
    Phase 1 randomized controlled trial to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of recombinant Pichia pastoris-expressed Plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1 (PfAMA1-FVO [25-545]) in healthy Malian adults in Bandiagara.
    Malar J. 2016 Aug 30;15(1):442. Doi: 10.1186/s12936-016-1466-4.
  • Thiruvalluvan A., Czepeil M., Kap Y.S., Mantingh-Otter I., Vainchtein I., Kuipers J., Bijlard M., Baron W., Giepmans B., Brück W., 't Hart B.A., Boddeke E., and Copray S. 2016.
    Survival and functionality of human induced pluripotent stem cell derived oligodendrocytes in a non-human primate model for multiple sclerosis.
    Stem Cells Transl. Med 5, 1-12.
  • van Persie J., Buitendijk H., Fagrouch Z., Bogers W., Haaksma T., Kondova I. and Verschoor E.J.
    Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel Chimpanzee Polyomavirus from a Western Common Chimpanzee.
    Genome Announc. 2016 Jan 21;4(1). pii: e01406-15.
  • Vermunt M.W., Tan S.C., Castelijns B., Geeven G., Reinink P., de Bruijn E., Kondova I., Persengiev S.; Netherlands Brain Bank, Bontrop R.E., Cuppen E., de Laat W. and Creyghton M.P.
    Epigenomic annotation of gene regulatory alterations during evolution of the primate brain.
    Nat Neurosci. 2016 Mar;19(3):494-503.
  • Verstrepen B.E., Nieuwenhuis I.G., Mooij P., Bogers W.M.J.M., Boonstra A. and Koopman G.
    Spontaneous and natural cytotoxicity receptor-mediated cytotoxicity are effector functions of distinct natural killer subsets in hepatitis C virus-infected chimpanzees.
    Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 185: 42–49
  • Verstrepen B.E., Nieuwenhuis I.G., Mooij P., Verschoor E.J., Fagrouch Z.C., Kondova I., Boonstra A. and Koopman G.
    Role for microbial translocation in soluble CD14 up-regulation in HIV, but not in HCV, infected chimpanzees.
    J. Gen. Virol. 2016 ;97(10):2599-2607.
  • Williams A., Sharpe S., Verreck F., Vordermeier M. and Hewinson G.
    Response to: Systematic review: animal studies of TB vaccines
    Int. J. Epidemiol. 2016 Apr;45(2):583-4. Doi: 10.1093/ije/dyw059. No abstract available. PMID: 27174838
  • Zeeman A.M., Lakshminarayana S.B., van der Werff N., Klooster E.J., Voorberg-van der Wel A., Kondreddi R.R., Bodenreider C., Simon O., Sauerwein R., Yeung B.K., Diagana T.T. and Kocken C.H.
    PI4 Kinase Is a Prophylactic but Not Radical Curative Target in Plasmodium vivax-Type Malaria Parasites.
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2016 Apr 22;60(5):2858-63. Doi: 10.1128/ AAC.03080-15.