BPRC has a vacancy for a highly motivated and talented


At our department of Comparative Genetics & Refinement research is focused on the characterization of complex immune regions in order to refine biomedical models. The extensive variation in these specific gene clusters, like the MHC region, is examined at a genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic level.

The rapid development of innovative sequencing platforms (PacBio, ONT) enables the generation of massive amounts of raw data. Comprehensive data analysis pipelines are required to understand the biological relevance that need to be extracted from these NGS datasets. A range of different computational tools are essential to draw conclusions and to translate them into text and figures.

BPRC aims to excel in qualitative and sustainable research, in which the use of animal models is reduced to the minimum. One way to contribute to this reduction is a more efficient integration and a refined interpretation of the obtained raw data.

You will be embedded in a group of experienced research technicians and scientists, which conduct mainly wet-lab experiments under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bontrop. As bioinformatician you will complement the team with dry-lab knowledge for better interpretation of different challenging genetic and biomedical topics.

Your duties
  • Responsible for the analysis, processing and storage of NGS datasets
  • The development and implementation of computational tools
  • Translation of the data output into ‘state of the art’ figures
  • Training of research technicians to use basic analysis pipelines
  • Establishing your own projects within the department
  • Contribute to academic research publications in collaboration with other team members
What we have to offer

An independent and versatile position in a challenging environment with a diversity of great colleagues.

Do you want to apply?

Are you interested in this position? Then we would like to receive your application with an extensive motivation and a CV. You can send your application to: [email protected]

More information

For more information about this position, please contact Jesse Bruijnesteijn of the Comparative Genetics & Refinement department on 015 284 2574.


Your features
  • Analytical and creative mindset to solve problems effectively
  • Ability to work impartially, individually, and proactively
  • Communicator and team player
  • Positive attitude towards the research conducted in the institute
Your experience
  • Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree in Bioinformatics or a related field, preferably with work experience
  • Experience in working with NGS data and bioinformatics pipeline development; knowledge on PacBio and ONT data is considered a preference
  • Familiar with Python and R
  • Experienced in Linux environment and command line user
  • Experienced with data management and version control
  • Knowledge to adapt exciting analysis tools and to recognize innovative possibilities
  • Basic understanding of (molecular) biology and the immune system
  • Experience with RNA-seq datasets is preferential
  • Good verbal & written communication skills in English
Available at

Comparative Genetics & Refinement Department,
32-40 hours a week to be agreed