Searching for alternatives to animal testing

11 Dec 2020 | Back to News, Publications and Annual Reports



Finding alternatives to animal testing is easier said than done. We are already working on this, but during this process questions also arise: can we completely imitate everything we want to investigate in a culture dish? Which technologies are currently available; what is possible? To find even more answers to these questions, we participated in the Helpathon.

During this Helpathon, we discussed the possibilities and "impossibilities" of the culture systems that are currently available with external experts. Experts with a wide variety of backgrounds and insights.

Outside help

"Tunnel vision" is never good. Not in science and not in the search for alternatives. That is why it was important to ask our questions to the various experts. This video shows an impression of the Helpathon.

Where do we go from here?

Does this process stop here? No, definitely not. We came in touch with researchers who can help us with this. Together with those researchers, we hope to develop systems that will make it increasingly possible to replace animal experiments. The question is to what extent we will succeed in completely replacing animal experiments. Time will tell. But in any case, this Helpathon provides renewed insights and energy to continue in the direction we have already started in search of alternatives to animal testing.