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We only conduct tests on primates when we have no other choice. Take a look behind the scenes by viewing these videos. This will allow you to see what we actually do at BPRC. We add new video content all the time.

The videos by BPRC are in Dutch. After clicking the play button, it's possible to choose English subtitling.

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More video's about BPRC

We continue to add videos to this page on various topics. Such as training the monkeys, research areas, alternatives research, behavioral studies and our pursuit of high animal welfare.


Donation of enrichment materials

Old tennis balls, tires, ropes, fire hoses. Various organizations such as schools, sports clubs and fire brigades have donated materials for further improvement of the live quality of our monkeys. We (still) really appreciate these donations.

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Want to drop by and take a look around?

We regularly receive requests for guided tours at the institute. In this way, many people have already been able to get an idea of the work we do.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact us.
We collect individual applications to a group.

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