Visitors and those interested to know more



BPRC is an outward-looking institute and is giving the world outside the chance to take a look inside BPRC. For this reason, BPRC opens its gates literally and figuratively. People who are interested to know more can get information in several ways.

Gates open

“It is very different from what I was expecting”, is the frequently heard and positive response of people who have visited BPRC. Every year we receive nearly a thousand visitors who come and take a look inside. For example, we organize tours for schools, organisations, politicians, family members, local residents and others who are interested in learning more about BPRC. Usually, the visit starts with an introductory talk about our scientific research. This is followed by a tour of the outdoor enclosures where the breeding colonies of the rhesus macaques, marmosets and long-tailed macaques are living.

Open transparency

Even the media knows where to find us. We have welcomed various journalists in recent years. For instance, Vice,, BBC, Zapp Buitendienst, NEMO Kennislink, AD, Trouw and de Volkskrant have already taken a look behind our scenes.


A completely different way of sharing information is by educating students - Dutch and international - and professionals. The combination of scientific biomedical research and primates requires experts. Consequently, we are receiving frequent requests for internships and work visits. Our visitors are then able to share their acquired knowledge and expertise with colleagues from all over the world.

Would you like to visit BPRC?

Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities. In addition, you can already take a digital look behind our scenes.