Algemeen Dagblad visited BPRC

20 Jun 2020 | Back to News, Publications and Annual Reports



Everyone experiences the pandemic in their own way. Science journalist Chris van Mersbergen and video journalist Jelle Akerboom from Algemeen Dagblad wanted to know how BPRC researchers experience it and payed us a visit.

It won’t be new for those who follow the messages on our website. BPRC works with monkeys to combat the corona crisis. The development of experimental vaccines and medicines is developing rapidly, partly because scientists rely on knowledge about similar viruses such as SARS and MERS. But vaccines and medicines for these viruses have never reached the doctor's office.

Prevent extra risk of test subjects

Vaccines and medicines are intended to protect or make people better. But sometimes a vaccine or drug can make an infection worse. We don't know that in advance. That is why we first investigate this in laboratory animals, to prevent subjects from running unnecessary risks. First in rodents and then in animals that are more similar to humans.

Vaccines and medicines in monkeys

Humans and monkeys are very alike, their immune systems are very similar. Several research groups showed that monkeys can also be infected with the novel coronavirus. This combination makes monkeys ideal for testing vaccines and medicines against this virus.

We told Chris van Mersbergen about this and much more. Jelle Akerboom made a video. You can see the report and video on the website of Algemeen Dagblad.