Health, Safety & Environment



Health and Safety of our colonies and our staff as well as the care for our environment is part of BPRC’s policies. We have an environmental management system which is ISO14001 certified (ISO14001:2015) and through which we manage and continuously try to reduce our environmental footprint.

Key aspects of BPRC’s Health, Safety and Environmental policy are:
  • Microbiological safety; preventing employees from being infected
  • Protecting the environment from the release of biological agents (including GMOs)
  • Restricting the use of hazardous substances
  • Efficient energy and water consumption.
We consider the following aspects integral components of our operations:
  • Continually raising awareness of safety and environmental concerns and providing information on these concerns to all employees and guests
  • Appointing employees tasked with carrying out the duties arising from our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Policies
  • Informing employees and others of the quality
  • Creating the right facilities and ensuring that installations and equipment are used properly
  • Identifying, recording and properly addressing complaints regarding health-and-safety and environmental protection issues
  • Having annual internal audits performed
Energy consumption

In recent years BPRC invested in the reduction of energy consumption, for example by replacing light sources for more efficient LED-lights, an effort that has continued in 2021.

Chemical stock(s)

In 2021 we organized an awareness program to reduce the amount of (older) chemicals on-site and make more use of shared stocks between labs/facilities to minimize the need for multiple stocks of the same compound.