BPRC supports the Parkinson Alliance Netherlands

13 Apr 2021 | Back to News, Publications and Annual Reports



Parkinson's disease is the fastest growing brain disorder worldwide. This is partly due to the increasing age of the population, but also in younger age groups the incidence is rising. In 5% of cases there is an hereditary cause, but for the vast majority of patients the cause is unknown. To combat Parkinson's disease, collaboration is important.

The medication that is currently available focuses mainly on the suppression of the disease symptoms, for example by substituting dopamine. There is no medication to stop and / or repair the underlying damage. That is why research into the underlying cause and effective medication and therapies is desperately needed.


On April 11, World Parkinson Day, the Parkinson Alliance Netherlands was launched during a special episode of Parkinson TV (Dutch). BPRC also supports the alliance. One of our researchers tells about our research in this episode (29m50s). We hope for great collaborations that will contribute to a future without Parkinson's disease.