Jan Langermans accepts position as professor by special appointment at Utrecht University

08 Oct 2019 | Back to News, Publications and Annual Reports



In a packed University Hall auditorium, Dr Jan A.M. Langermans officially accepted his position as Professor by Special Appointment of Laboratory Animal Welfare at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Langermans also serves as a deputy director at BPRC and has held the position of professor since 1 November 2018. Yesterday, he gave his inaugural address in the presence of several hundred interested parties, ranging from peers and colleagues to friends and family.

The history of laboratory animal welfare

In this inaugural address, common practice for these appointments in the academic world, Langermans held a passionate yet accessible speech on the importance of research into and transparency regarding laboratory animal welfare. Entitled 'Animal welfare for science, and science for animal welfare: on the responsible use of laboratory animals', his address outlined the history of animal testing in general and divulged his personal vision on laboratory animal welfare.

New chair

'Laboratory Animal Welfare' is a newly created chair within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine's Department of Animals in Science and Society. Langermans will continue to work at BPRC, spending one day a week at Utrecht to 'expand and share' his vision on the welfare of laboratory animals.

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