PhD awarded to Jaco Bakker at Utrecht University

27 Feb 2017 | Back to News, Publications and Annual Reports

On 16 January 2017 Jaco Bakker successfully defended his thesis entitled 'Veterinary care and welfare management in common marmosets'

Certain diseases, including MS, show similar disease progression in common marmoset and humans. This is mainly due to a number of important biological features that are shared between common marmosets and humans. Marmosets therefore still play an important role as animal model in the development of therapies for a number of serious diseases in humans.

When using an animal model, it is important to continuously determine whether it is feasible to 'Replace, Refine or Reduce' the experimental animals (3Rs). The research described in the thesis of Jaco Bakker, veterinarian at the BPRC, was aimed to further optimize veterinary care and welfare of the animals. Optimal care, and veterinary care is not only important for the animal, but also provides the most reliable results, thereby ultimately reducing the number of animals that are needed for a study.

You can find more information on the website of the University of Utrecht.