Young researchers make themselves heard

05 Feb 2019 | Back to News, Publications and Annual Reports

'This is Donald, he recently had an amazing holiday in the tropics. But shortly after he got back he felt ill and had to go to the hospital.' This is how the animated film begins, with a cheerful tune, made by PhD candidates from the Marie Curie HONOURs project and largely funded by the EU.

These PhD candidates receive training on a wide variety of subjects in order to become experts in virus outbreaks in humans and animals. Their short film was published online this week. It paints a very understandable picture of what the project entails and what their work means for public health. One of these PhD candidates is the Hungarian researcher Kinga, who works at BPRC.

Leading universities, businesses and research institutes

HONOURs is an international training network named after the legendary French researcher Marie Curie. The aim of this project is to train 15 PhD candidates in the various aspects of virus outbreaks. The ‘consortium’ behind this project (led by the AMC) consists of ten leading universities, businesses and research institutes, including BPRC, from several European countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.